P. B. Šivickis Laboratory of Parasitology

Head: dr. habil. GEDIMINAS VALKIŪNAS, Academician of Lithuania Ac. Sci.


The main research trends are biological diversity, molecular characterization, evolutionary biology, molecular ecology, phylogeography and functions of eukaryotic parasitic organisms (protists and helminths) in ecosystems under variable environmental conditions. We are particularly interested in the following research areas: parasite ecology, life cycles and virulence, molecular diagnostics and taxonomy, understanding the molecular mechanisms of host-parasite interactions, genetic diversity and population genetics, and phylogenetic relationships in parasites. The staff is investigating evolutionary biology and ecological plasticity of eukaryotic parasites. We are addressing questions related to the understanding of patterns of distribution of parasites spread by migrating birds, rodents and molluscs in ecosystems of the Baltic region. The results of these investigations will serve as a basis to develop innovative strategies for prevention and control of parasitic diseases.