Laboratory of Quaternary Research


The main research strengths of this laboratory are Quaternary palaeoenvironmental investigations of natural conditions and sedimentary environments, lithological and sedimentological investigations of rocks and sediments, and analysis of relief transformations on the background of natural and anthropogenic factors.

The studies of palaeoenvironmental natural conditions include investigations of climate, evolution of palaeovegetation, ecological conditions of palaeobasins, anthropogenic impacts on natural environment and sedimentation chronology. The lithological sedimentological investigations are aimed at the establishment of the sedimentary environment of rocks and sediments and its evolution, the granulometric, petrographic and mineral composition of rocks and other properties used for stratigraphic classification and correlation of layers and forecasting of the texture and formation of rock mass and mineral deposits. The analysis of relief changes contributes to the establishment of the scale and character of earth surface transformations and the evaluation of the role of natural and anthropogenic factors in these processes.