Personal information

 CURRICULUM VITAE – Gediminas Valkiūnas



Institute of Ecology

Nature Research Centre

Akademijos str. 2

LT-08412 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel: + 370 5 2729269 (office)

Fax: + 370 5 272 93 52


Academic degrees: 

  • Ph.D. Parasitology, 1984.
  • D.Sc. Parasitology, 1996.

Current appointment:

  • Chief researcher; Head, P.B. Šivickis’ Laboratory of Parasitology, Institute of Ecology, Nature Research Centre, Lithuania.

Membership of Academies of Sciences

  • Member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (from 2001).

Research areas:

  • Parasite taxonomy, life history strategies, virulence and ecology.
  • During 15 last years, I explored many questions in taxonomy, molecular ecology and virulence of wildlife malaria parasites and other related haematozoa, particularly the questions on the microscopic and PCR-based diagnosis of blood parasites, their evolutionary biology and pathogenic effects of hosts. I am employing a broad multidisciplinary approach that takes advantage of my expertise in traditional parasitology and molecular biology, instrumentation, and fieldwork, as well as scientific collaborations which I have already established at the Nature Research Centre.

PhD supervision:

  • Tatjana Iezhova, Gediminas Liutkevičius, Asta Križanauskienė, Vaidas Palinauskas, Rita Kazlauskienė, Olga Smagina, Leonas Kontrimavičius. 

Journal editorial and advisory boards:

  • Ekologija, Vilnius (from 1999)
  • Acta Zoologica Lituanica (2001-2011).

Main invited lectures at international scientific conferences:

  • Iceland: International Symposium on Parasites and Ecology of Marine and Coastal Birds. Stykkishólmur, June 1996.
  • Lithuania: International Symposium on Bird-Parasite interactions. Vilnius, June 1998.
  • Denmark: Annual Meeting of the Danish Society for Parasitology, April 1998.
  • Belarus: Conference on Biodiversity of Wildlife. Minsk, March 2000.
  • Russia: International Symposium Ecological Parasitology on the Turn of Millennium. St. Petersburg, July, 2000. 
  • Russia: Conference. 100 Years of Ornithological Research on the Courish Spit. Rybachy, June 2001.
  • Germany: Germany Ornithology Conference, Kiel, September 2004.
  • France: 5th Conference of the European Ornithological Union, Strasbourg, August 2005.
  • Sweden: Avian malaria symposium, Lund, March 2006.
  • USA: Northern California Parasitologists Spring Conference, California, 2008.
  • USA: The American Society of Parasitologists Annual Meeting, Knoxville, 2009.
  • Sweden: 1st Nordic Malaria Conference Lund, September 2010.
  • Australia: 12th International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA XII), Melbourne, August 2010.
  • USA: International meeting on Malaria and Related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife, Shepherdstown, 2011.
  • Lithuania: International conference on Malaria and Related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife, Vilnius August 2013

Conference organization:

  • Chairman, International Symposium on Ecology of Bird-Parasite Interactions, Lithuania, 1998. 
  • Chairman, 1st Symposium of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology, Lithuania, 2005.
  • Member of the Organizing Committee, International Symposium on Ecological Parasitology on the Turn of Millennium. St. Petersburg, Russia, 2000.
  • Chairman, International Conference on Malaria and Related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife, Vilnius, Lithuania, August 7-11, 2013.

Main research grants:

  • Gordon Getty Foundation, Avian malaria parasites and other haemosporidian (book translation award), US. 45,000 LT. 1997. Principle investigator.
  • Sitematics Association, the Linnean Society of London. Keys for identification of species of bird haemosporidian parasites (Protista: Haemosporida), UK. 45,000 LT. 1998. Principle investigator.
  • Collaborative Linkage Grant, Epidemiology of avian hematozoa: linking genetic and traditional parasitology data, NATO. 70,000 LT. 2002-2004.
  • NSF-NIH (USA) Ecology of Infectious Diseases Program. Effects of deforestation on the prevalence of blood-borne pathogens in African rainforest birds. Award EF-0430146. 380,000 LT. 2004-2009.
  • Lithuanian State Science and Studies foundation. Trends in ecosystems development, and studies on the molecular phylogeography of populations in the Baltic region. Award C-07002. 1,090,000 LT. 2007-2010. Principle investigator.
  • Global Grant. Mechanisms of speciation in malaria parasites and related haemosporidians. Award VPI-3.1.-ŠMM-07-K-01-047. 1,517,000 Lt. (2011-2015). Principle investigator.

Scholarships, awards and recognitions:

  • Honorary Research Fellow of Queensland Museum, Australia (1995).
  • Highest State Fellowship of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania (1998).
  • Lithuanian State Award in Science (1999).
  • Baltic Assembly Award in Science (2006).
  • The R. Barclay McGhee Award, the American Society of Parasitologists (2009).

Other important activities:

  • Member of the Steering Committee, Malaria Research Coordination Network, National Science Foundation, USA


Over 100 papers in refereed journals, 2 books, 1 book chapter.


I. Books and book chapters

Valkiūnas, G. 2005. Avian malaria parasites and other haemosporidia. Boca Raton, USA, 946 pp.

Valkiūnas, G. Haemosporidians, p. 256-330 // 2007. In: Protista: Handbook on Zoology, vol. 2. St. Petersburg: Nuka Press, 1144 pp. [In Russian]. 


II. Selected articles published in international journals, 2011-2014

Valkiūnas, G., Kazlauskienė, R., Bernotienė, R., Bukauskaitė, D., Palinauskas, V., Iezhova, T.A. 2014. Haemoproteus infections (Haemosporida, Haemoproteidae) kill bird-biting mosquitoes. Parasitology Research, 113, 1011-1018.

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Valkiūnas, G., Palinauskas, V., Križanauskienė, A., Bernotienė, R., Kazlauskienė, R., Iezhova, T.A. 2013. Further observations on in vitro hybridization of hemosporidian parasites: patterns of ookinete development in Haemoproteus spp. Journal of Parasitology, 99, 124-136.

Valkiūnas, G., Kazlauskienė, R., Bernotienė, R., Palinauskas, V., Iezhova, T.A. 2013. Abortive long-lasting sporogony of two Haemoproteus species (Haemosporida, Haemoproteidae) in the mosquito Ochlerotatus cantans, with perspectives on haemosporidian vector research. Parasitology Research, 112, 2159-2169. 

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Hellgren, O, Kutzer, ., Bensch, S., Valkiūnas, G, Palinauskas, V.. 2013 Identification and characterization of the merozoite surface protein 1 (msp1) gene in a host-generalist avian malaria parasite, Plasmodium relictum (lineages SGS1 and GRW4) with the use of bloodtranscriptome. Malaria Journal, 12, 381.

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