Functioning of Lactarius deterrimus in spruce forest of different age [Lactarius deterrimus funkcionavimas skirtingo amžiaus eglynuose]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 13(4): 223–227

Dynamics of Lactarius deterrimus functioning in Norway spruce (Picea abies) forests of 13, 18, 60 and 120 years old was studied. The most intensive fructification of L. deterrimus was detected in young stands. Comparison of fruiting dynamics of L. deterrimus and richness of species of ectomycorrhizal agaricoid fungi depending on the stand age showed a negative correlation between the number of species and abundance of fruit bodies. Ectomycorrhizae of L. deterrimus and P. abies was identified using morphoanatomical and molecular methods. Analysing the relation of above- and below-ground structures of L. deterrimus, a strong positive correlation between the abundance of fruit bodies and ectomycorrhizae depending on the forest age was determined.

Keywords: Lactarius deterrimus, fruit bodies, ectomycorrhizae, spruce forest, Lithuania.