Micromycete diversity in the rhizosphere of the Bromeliaceae family pot-plants [Mikromicetų įvairovė Bromeliaceae šeimos augalų rizosferoje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 13(4): 257–260

Differences in micromycete species composition and their frequency in rhizosphere depending on different growth conditions of the Bromeliaceae family plants were investigated in 1997–2005. Micromycetes of 102 species ascribed to 28 genera were isolated from the rhizosphere of these plants. Diversity of the isolated micromycetes differed depending on the growth conditions. From all investigated plant groups fungi of the Penicillium, Mortierella, Trichoderma, Acremonium and Candida genera were isolated. Pathogenic fungi of the Fusarium, Pythium and Verticillium genera functioned in the rhizosphere of plants grown under unfavourable conditions; Pythium genus species were also isolated from plants grown in greenhouse.

Keywords: growth conditions, micromycetes, detection frequency.