Pyrenomycetes and loculoascomycetes on elm in Pavilniai Regional Park (Vilnius, Lithuania) [Guobų pirenomicetai ir lokuloaskomicetai Pavilnių regioniniame parke (Vilnius)]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 13(4): 245–249

45 herbarium specimens of ascomycetous fungi associated with elm were collected during field trips in July, September and October, 2005 in the deciduous forest, Pavilniai regional park (Vilnius city). 19 species of pyrenomycetes and loculoascomycetes were registered on Ulmus spp. Cosmospora purtonii, Nectria coccinea, Pseudovalsaria ferruginea and Flageoletia leptasca are recorded for the first time in Lithuania.

Keywords: Ascomycota, Ulmus, Lithuania.