Distribution of some invasive alien plant species in riparian habitats in Latvia [Kai kurių svetimžemių invazinių rūšių augalų paplitimas upių pakrančių buveinėse Latvijoje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 14(3): 137–150

Riparian zones provide suitable habitats for spreading of non-native plant species, simultaneously serving as migration pathways. At the same time, non-native invasions indicate the increasing anthropogenic pressure and make up a significant part of today’s changing biota. This paper presents a study of distribution of six alien species (Aster salignus, Petasites hybridus, Helianthus tuberosus, Impatiens glandulifera, Echinocystis lobata and Heracleum sosnowskyi) in Latvia. All species are known as non-native invaders of riparian habitats, such as riparian shrubs, floodplain meadows, tall herb nitrophilous communities on the riversides and wet slopes of valleys. Distribution data are based on the recent data gathered in field surveys and herbarium records as well as literature references. Maps of the current distribution, habitat preferences of all studied species and their spreading dynamics over the last century are presented.

Keywords: invasive, non-native, alien, riparian habitats, distribution, Latvia.