Epiphyton Chroococcales cyanobacteria species new to algaeflora of Lithuanian freshwaters [Lietuvos gėlų vandens telkinių dumblių floroje naujos Chroococcales eilės epifitono melsvabakterių rūšys]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 14(3): 159–169

Cyanobacteria were investigated in the epiphyton of five Lithuanian lakes. From totally recorded 84 Cyanophyceae species and varieties, 39 species belong to Chroococcales. Seven chroococcalean species – cf. Cyanobium parvum, Aphanothece elabens, Aphanocapsa parasitica, Chlorogloea rivularis, Hydrococcus cesatii, Chamaesiphon minutus, Geitleribactron periphyticum – represent a new contribution to the Lithuanian algaeflora. Species descriptions with original measurements and drawings, their occurrence, ecological and distribution data are provided. Four newly recorded cyanobacteria – Aphanothece elabens, Aphanocapsa parasitica, Chamaesiphon minutus, Hydrococcus cesatii – are widespread; cf. Cyanobium parvum, Chlorogloea rivularis, Geitleribactron periphyticum – rare. Chlorogloea rivularis preferred the laminae of Nuphar luteum; Geitleribactron periphyticum – stems of Phragmites australis. The latter algae species as well as cf. Cyanobium parvum dominated in the epiphyton of two investigated lakes (Duobulis, Gulbinas).

Keywords: new species, Chroococcales, cyanobacteria, epiphyton, lakes, Lithuania.