An inventory review of native Lithuanian vascular medicinal plant species [Lietuvos savaiminių vaistinių induočių augalų rūšių inventorizacinė apžvalga]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 15(4): 269–279

The aim of this publication is to evaluate the diversity of the native vascular medicinal plant species within the flora of Lithuania on the basis of the data presented in various review publications by Lithuanian authors during the last fifty years. 250 species, of which 181 (72.4 %) have been endorsed by the authors of at least two of the analysed publications or one larger publication, were included in this inventory list of native Lithuanian vascular medicinal plants, which has been compiled for the first time. The publication discusses the possible reasons for the inclusion of various plant species among the medicinal plants or for their exclusion. The further supplementation of the inventory list of native Lithuanian vascular medicinal plants should be made through the addition of ethnographic material, which is very frequently used insufficiently, and especially of the data from phytotherapy specialists.