Educational presentation of Lithuanian flora species at the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University [Lietuvos floros rūšių edu-kacinis pristatymas Vilniaus universiteto Botanikos sode]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 15(4): 281–284

Presentation of Lithuanian spontaneous flora species in their natural habitats is particularly important field at the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University. An educational route presenting some 50 species of spontaneous vascular flora was established in 2004. A new information system for visitors and special educational stands were created in 2008. People can learn about plant and wildlife diversity of natural habitats at the Botanical Garden, such as dry slopes, water bodies and wetlands, broadleaved and coniferous forests. The paper presents an overview of the stands, in which spontaneous flora diversity of the habitats and their ecological characteristics are introduced to the visitors. An extension of the existing educational scheme is possible by using plant species, which are naturally occurring in the Botanical Garden and are distinguished by their rarity, limited geographical distribution, ecological characteristics or usage.