Destruction of hemicellulose by micromycetes under liquid-phase cultivation conditions [Mikromicetų vykdomas hemiceliuliozės ardymas, kultivuojant juos skystos fazės sąlygomis]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 15(1): 47–51

Ability of micromycetes, destructors of lignin-cellulose complex, to degrade hemicellulose in plant remnants under liquid-phase growth conditions was investigated. It was determined that deeper hemicellulose destruction occurred after 20 days of micromycetes growth. In this period the hemicellulose content was most evidently reduced by Chaetomium globosum (9.7 %), Mortierella verticillata (10.7 %) and Myrothecium verrucaria (10.9 %). The weakest hemicellulose degradation was performed by Fusarium redolens (16.1 %) and Acremonium strictum (13.2 %). The Chaetomium globosum was most promising micromycete in hemicellulose destruction under liquid-phase fermentation conditions.

Keywords: rye straw, micromycetes, hemicellulose.