New data on invasive pathogenic fungus Dothistroma septosporum in Lithuania [Nauji duomenys apie invazinį patogeninį grybą Dothistroma septosporum Lietuvoje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 15(1): 41–45

The fungal pathogen of Dothistroma (red-band) needle blight Mycosphaerella pini Rostr., (anamorphic stage Dothistroma septosporum (Dorog.) M. Morelet) was found widely spread on the needles of native pine Pinus sylvestris in eastern, central and southern parts of Lithuania. During the first observations the teleomorphic stage was not found, only anamorphic stage was obtained during the present study. Information on the distribution patterns, ecological and morphological peculiarities of this species are given.

Keywords: ascomycetes, anamorphic fungi, Dothistroma (red-band) needle blight, Pinus, Lithuania.