Discomycetes of Viešvilė Strict Nature Reserve. 1. Diversity and distribution [Viešvilės valstybinio rezervato diskomicetai. 1. Įvairovė ir paplitimas]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 8(1): 77–90

The paper deals with the diversity, distribution, and ecology of discomycetes in the territory of Viešvilė Strict Nature Reserve and adjacent environs. Data on substrates, habitats, fructification time, and number of localities for each species are presented. In total, 128 species of discomycetes belonging to 60 genera, 19 families, and 4 orders (Helotiales, Pezizales, Rhytismatales, Thelebolales) have been listed. 18 species were registered for the first time in Lithuania. Caloscypha fulgens and Urnula craterium, two species of Red Data Book of Lithuania, have been recorded. The peculiarities of substrate preference, fructification time, and distribution in different habitats are discussed.

Keywords: discomycetes, species diversity, distribution, nature reserves, Lithuania.