Survey of ruderal vegetation of Lithuania. The Bidentetea class [Lietuvos ruderalinės augalijos apžvalga. Bidentetea klasė]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 8(1): 33–42

The data on the Bidentetea class in Lithuania during two last decades are summarised, and the problems of classification of ruderal vegetation are discussed. The system of the Bidentetea class syntaxa is presented. The groups of indicator species of the syntaxa are formed, ecological factors of the ecotops of associations, variants and basal communities, synmorphology, species richness, regional peculiarities, distribution in Lithuania, and the spreading tendencies, depending on anthropogenic activity, as well as territorial planning are discussed. The Bidentetea class in Lithuania includes 5 associations and 1 basal community belonging to 2 alliances and 1 order.

Keywords: ruderal vegetation, classification, Bidentetea, Lithuania.