Accumulation of ascorbic acid and anthocyanins in berries of Ribes nigrum. [Askorbo rūgšties ir antocianinų kaupimasis juodųjų serbentų (Ribes nigrum) uogose]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 8(2): 139–144

In 2000–2001 at the Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture investigations on the changes of ascorbic acid content during berry ripening in black currant cultivars in Lithuania were performed. Investigations covered Lithuanian cultivars ‘Joniniai’, ‘Almiai’, ‘Vakariai’, Byelorussian cultivar ‘Minaj Šmyriov’, and commercial cultivars ‘Ojebyn’, ‘Titania’, ‘Ben Alder’, ‘Ben More’, and ‘Ben Tirran’. Amounts of ascorbic acid and anthocyanins were established in berries of different maturity. During ripening high amount of ascorbic acid accumulates in reddish berries – on average 308.51 mg/100 g. Higher content of anthocyanins accumulates in overripe berries – on average 437.0 mg/100 g.

Keywords: ascorbic acid, anthocyanin, black currant, cultivar.