Evaluation of biochemical processes in Vaccinium ×covilleanum berries during their storage [Biocheminių procesų, vykstančių Vaccinium ×covilleanum uogose laikymo metu, įvertinimas]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 8(2): 125–130

Investigation of biochemical processes in berries of different cultivars of Vaccinium ×covilleanum was carried out in 2001. Berries of 5 cultivars were under investigation in different storage conditions. It was established that the process of anthocyanins accumulation was still going in berries picked up not entirely ripen. This process is more intensive in warm storage conditions. Respiration is more intensive in berries during storage in warm conditions at relative humidity of 99.7 % than in chill conditions at relative humidity of 73–75 %. It could be a reason for larger amount of decayed berries in warm storage conditions.

Keywords: Vaccinium ×covilleanum, storage conditions, chemical composition, cultivar, respiration, weight loss.