Investigation on the development of axillary buds and shoots of Actinidia kolomikta [Actinidia kolomikta pažastinių pumpurų ir ūglių vystymosi tyrimai]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 8(2): 131–137

Investigation on macro- and microphenological development of shoots in Actinidia kolomikta was carried out in 2000–2001. The growing season of the female clone F1 lasdted for 179–191 days. The growth of shoots started at the end of March at very low sums of positive and effective temperatures: 103.3 and 15.0 °C, respectively. Very intensive growth of shoots and microphenological processes in the axilary buds (shortening of the plastochron, changes of the apex height and width) coincided with the differentiation of generative primordia in the apical meristem. The growth period of plants finished at the end of September; howewer, the development in axillary buds stopped at the end of October.

Keywords: Aktinidia kolomikta, phenophase, vegetative shoot, mixed shoot, leaf primordia, dormancy, apical meristem.