Lichens of the Subtropical Botanical Garden of Kuban’ (Krasnodar region, Russian Caucasus) [Kubanės (Krasnodaro kraštas, Rusijos Kaukazas) paatogrąžių botanikos sodo kerpės]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 8(2): 153–163

The Subtropical Botanical Garden of Kuban’ is situated on the Russian part of the Black Sea shore (Krasnodar region, North-Western Caucasus, Russia). The list of lichens found on the territory (7.5 ha) of this Botanical Garden and its vicinity includes 88 species of 54 genera; they are found on bark of trees and shrubs, lignum of fallen trunks, stones, and concrete gutters. Thirty two species are new to the Russian Caucasus and the Precaucasian territory. The list of species with indications of substrate and locality is given.

Keywords: lichens, North-Western Caucasus, Russia, botanical gardens.