Variation of some morphological properties of Rubus plicatus and Rubus nessensis in different habitats [Kai kurių Rubus plicatus ir Rubus nessensis morfologinių požymių įvairavimas skirtingose augimvietėse]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 8(2): 111–116

In 1999–2000 populations of Rubus plicatus Weihe et Nees and Rubus nessensis Hall were investigated in three different types of habitats with the aim to identify regularities of their morphological variation. Shoot height, number of flowers and fruits depend on several ecological conditions, illumination being the principal one causing variation of these properties. Shoot height of R. plicatus and R. nessensis depends upon their density, whereas the number of flowers and fruits – upon the quantity of axillary shoots. A strong positive correlation between the shoot height and their density was revealed for R. plicatus, while in R. nessensis these properties correlated negatively.

Keywords: Rubus plicatus, Rubus nessensis, morphological properties, shoot, flower, fruit, habitat, ecological conditions, Lithuania.