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Jonas Rimantas Stonis, Full Professor, DSc, Dr. Habil., PhD


Senior researcher at the Institute of Ecology of Nature Research Centre

Executive Director of the Baltic-American Biotaxonomy Institute (

(Former Professor and Principal Researcher at the Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences)


Contact Information: Entomology Laboratory, Institute of Ecology, Nature Research Centre, Akademijos St. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Tel.: +370 61620340. E-mail: (main); (secondary). Websites:;


Profile at


Scientific qualifications:

– Diploma of Professor (Full Professor) of Natural Sciences (Republic of Lithuania, 1996)

– Doctor Habilitatus’ Diploma (Highest Scientific Degree in Lithuania until 2009) (Republic of Lithuania, 1994)

– Doctor’s Diploma in Natural Sciences in Natural Sciences (= PhD) (Republic of Lithuania, 1994)

– Diploma of Doctor in Biology (= DSc) (Russian Academy of Sciences, 1992) (assessed for eligibility by U.K. NARIC, Certificate 1941533897, 2004)

– Diploma of Candidate of Sciences, Biology (= PhD) (Russian Academy of Sciences, 1985)


Scientific interests:

Global biodiversity, biogeography, & global faunas, taxonomy and evolution (phylogeny) (including the smallest Lepidoptera, particularly nepticuloids and tischerioids of the tropical & subtropical biota). In total, has discovered and described more than 500 new species and genera from Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia: Gobi Desert and Altai), East Asia (Japan, China and Russian Far East), Southeast and South Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Oman), South Africa (PAR, Zimbabwe, Namibia), North Africa (Tunisia), North America (USA), the Caribbean, Central and South America (Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile), etc.


Expeditions and Scientific Fieldwork:

43 long term research expeditions or research trips to India, Nepal, Central and South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil: the Andes & Amazon Basin, etc.), the Crimea (Ukraine), the Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia), Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan), Fareastern Siberia (Russia), Vietnam, etc. (including the most recent international research expeditions to Peru and Bolivia in November, 2017, and March–July, 2018, and Colombia in January–March, 2019).


Grants, Honors and Awards:

  • A Grant from the Open Lithuania Fund (1992).
  • Professor M. Hering Memorial Research Fund, England (grants in 1993, 1995, and 2002).
  • The International Science Foundation grant (USA) for the research project “The Faunogenesis and regions of autochthonous speciation in Palaearctic” (1994/1995).
  • George Soros' award and diploma for participation in the scientific programme “Animal systematics and diversity” (USA) (1994).
  • Lithuanian Government stipend for a young scientist (Lithuania) (1994).
  • The Nation Foundation’ award (USA) (1995).
  • Nordic Consuls’ (Copenhagen) stipend for entomological studies on a biogeographical project (Denmark) (1995–1996).
  • NATO Fellowship grant for the scientific project “The Nepticulidae of the Neotropical Region” (1997–1998).
  • Lithuanian State Scholarship of the Highest Degree for distinguished scholars (1997–1998).
  • Godman Exploration Fund’ grant (UK) (1998).
  • Royal Society of London grants for research work at the NHM, London (three grants during 2000–2003).
  • EU SYS–Resource grant (EU–The NHM, London) (2001–2002).
  • Smithsonian Institution’ grant (to support the project “The Opostegidae of the New World”, in cooperation with Dr. D. R. Davis) (USA) (2002).
  • Laureate of Competition of science popular works by the Ministry of Education and Science (1st, 3rd, and 2nd place) (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008).
  • Linnean Society/Percy Sladen Fund’ (UK) grant for an international expedition to the Andes and Amazon, Ecuador (2006).
  • Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation grants for a research team (2002–2004).
  • Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation grants for a research team (2006–2009).
  • Lithuanian Student Union Award for providing Honest and Transparent Studies (2008).
  • A grant for a research team from Research Foundation of the Research Council of Lithuania (2011–2012).
  • Research grants (in total, 8) from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (2014–2018).
  • Memorial Medal from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (2017).


State Awards:

  • The Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas (The Cross of the Knight) for Contribution to Science and Education (1996);
  • Lithuanian National Science Award (2003/2004).
  • Memorial Medal of the President of Republic of Lithuania (2004).