Kviečiame į seminarą (anglų kalba)

Lapkričio 11 dieną (ketvirtadienis), 14.00 val. Gamtos tyrimų centro (Akademijos g. 2, Vilnius) konferencijų salėje (101 kab.)


Fernando Mateos-Gonzalez (Gamtos tyrimų centras & NVO ALKA, Čekija https://www.alkawildlife.eu/)


Research and conservation of a critically endangered -and seriously cute- species in the Czech Republic


Modern farming, favouring monocultures and an excessive use of  fertilizers and herbicides, is not only increasing pollution and decreasing soil quality, but also harming biodiversity. Many species who used to thrive in traditional, mosaic agricultural lands are now facing extinction because of the loss of their former habitat. That is the case, for example, for the European ground squirrel, or suslik (Spermophilus citellus), endemic to Central Europe and critically endangered in the Czech Republic.

Our organisation, ALKA Wildlife, is involved in the monitoring and research of this species, using drone photography, infrared cameras, behavioural experiments, artificial intelligence, and spatially explicit capture-recapture methods. And wine. Really.

I will share our latest data, results and current challenges… and lots of cute, fluffy videos.



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