A practical training course in fish parasitology

A practical training course in fish parasitology was organised within the research project “Reviving fish parasitology in Lithuania: assessing the current helminth diversity in fish and the impact of non-native fish in Lithuanian freshwaters” (S-MIP-22-53) by Drs. Olena Kudlai, Rasa Binkienė, Nathan Baker and Vytautas Rakauskas. The course was given to Bachelor students from the Vilnius University and was conducted at the Vilnius University field station in Puvočiai, Varėna district, on the 19th of May 2024. During the training, students were introduced to various groups of parasites infecting freshwater fish and were able to observe live parasite specimens collected during fish dissection and examination. The aim of the course was to spark enthusiasm for the field of modern taxonomy and ecological parasitology, and to help students align their research orientation, in turn, potentially leading to an increased number of fish parasitology specialists in Lithuania.