The Early Career Researchers Committee (ECRC) is NRC’s internal gratuitously operating unit that aims to pursue regular educational and systematic informational activities promoting Early Career Researchers’ (ECRs) collaboration, high-level scientific research, improvement of work environment and involvement into NRC’s life and further development.

The community of Early Career Researchers is composed of NRC’s doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers who have been conferred Doctor’s degree before no more than 15 years.

ECRC’s objectives

o To consult ECRs on high-level scientific research issues.
o To help NRC develop international collaboration.
o To organise public dissemination of research results.
o To promote integration of ECRs into NRC’s research activities so that the continuity of scientific research and the environment favourable for conducting scientific, experimental and creative activities are maintained.
o To develop interdisciplinary collaboration of ECRs within NRC, with Lithuanian and foreign higher education institutions and with scientific and business organisations.
o To enhance involvement of Early Career Researchers in NRC’s activities and seek that ECRs opinion and interests are taken into account when considering proposals related to scientific activities, laboratory work, property rights over results of intellectual activity, and other issues.
o To promote the strengthening of the culture of integrity and fairness in research and assurance of equality and emotional wellness.

ECRC’s history

o The first meeting of the initiative group for the formation of the ECRC was held at Nature Research Centre on 27 August 2021. The members of the initiative group are: Laura Butrimavičienė PhD, Justas Dainys PhD, Gintaras Malmiga PhD, Vaidas Palinauskas PhD (initiator of the formation of the ECRC), Gintarė Slavinskienė PhD, Sigitas Šulcius PhD, and Jurgita Švedienė PhD.

o On 1 April 2022, the meeting of the Scientific Council of Nature Research Centre approved the Regulations of the ECRC (Resolution No GTC-MT-3/15e).

o The first general meeting of NRC’s Early Career Researchers took place at Nature Research Centre on 5 May 2022. During the meeting, the following ECRC members (out of 12 candidates) were elected by voting: Nathan Jay Baker PhD student, Gabrielė Bumbulytė PhD student, Justas Dainys PhD, Vaidas Palinauskas PhD, Gintarė Slavinskienė PhD, Domas Uogintas PhD, and Tautvydas Žalnierius PhD student. On the same day, the first meeting of the ECRC was held. Vaidas Palinauskas was elected the chairperson of the committee.