Applicants for PhD studies shall submit the following documents to the Studies Office of the Natural Research Centre (Akademijos St. 2, Room 210) till the 28th June:

  1. Application to participate in the competition to the Director of Nature Research Centre;
  2. Copy of Master’s diploma or of other qualification diploma equivalent thereto and copies of their respective supplements;
  3. Curriculum Vitae;
  4. Questionnaire;
  5. Two letters of recommendation from scholars in the topic the applicant selected;
  6. List of research works, and their copies, conference presentations, the works, if any, that have earned awards at science research competitions;
  7. Electronic copy of the scientific research project in .doc or .docx format, if two topics are indicated in the application, then 2 scientific research projects need to be submitted (only for applicants to doctoral studies in Biology and Physical Geography);
  8. Copy of passport or personal identity card;
  9. Documents certifying surname change unless every document submitted bears the same surname.
  10. Certificate of recognition of higher education qualification acquired abroad (for more information

IMPORTANT NOTE: read carefully Admission rules section VII “ADMISSION OF CITIZENS OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES TO DOCTORAL PROGRAMME STUDIES” subsection VII.I regarding the Certificate of recognition of higher education qualification acquired abroad.

More information is available at:

Study department
Nature Research Centre
Akademijos St. 2, Room 210, 08412 Vilnius
Tel. +370 (5) 2729325
Faks. +370 (5) 2729352