Doctoral student Mélanie Duc’s traineeship at Natural History Museum in London

From 21 November to 9 December 2002, Mélanie Duc, PhD student at P. B. Šivickis Laboratory of Parasitology, was on traineeship at Natural History Museum in London according to SYNTHESYS+ TAFs (Taxonomic Access Facilities) programme grant. The purpose of the project was to review histological cross-sections in museum collections and study haemosporidia parasites in the tissues of different hosts – birds, reptiles and mammals. The principal method used was microscopic investigation of collection samples. Museum collection, particularly the specimens collected by P. C. Garnham and C. M. Wenyon, contains invaluable haemosporidia specimens, were compared, including possible visualizing pathological changes in organs.

Mélanie studied histological cross-sections in the collection of protists, with the main focus on parasites of Haemoproteus genus, which are the main object of her doctoral studies.