New book presentation at Nature Research Centre

On 23 May, at NRC Laboratory of Fish Ecology (Verkių St. 98, Vilnius), Senior Researcher Dr. Vytautas Kesminas presented a book “Lietuvos lašišinės žuvys: biologija, ekologija ir išteklių apsauga” (Salmonidae of Lithuania: Biology, Ecology and Stock Protection). The book was presented by Assoc. Prof. Egidijus Bukelskis and the author of the book Dr. Vytautas Kesminas. Opinions were shared by Dr. Linas Ložys, Dr. Nijolė Kazlauskienė, and fishery specialists Leonas Kerosierius and  Valdas Gečys.

The popular science monograph presents an overview of Salmonidae, their origin, development, evolution, and phylogenetic relationships between separate fish groups. Rich information is presented on salmonids living all over the world, on their diversity, biological peculiarities, distribution, and protection, with the focus on species living in Lithuanian waters. The second part of the monograph describes the results of scientific investigations related to the state and changes of Salmonidae and gives recommendations on the reconstruction of fish stocks and efficient protection measures. The book is intended for researchers, students and all who are interested in salmonids.

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