Research and business collaboration

On 25 November, the Laboratory of Biodeterioration Research of the Nature Research Centre accepted employees of UAB GVT LT (Director Spartakas Petrovas). The head of the laboratory, Dr. Algimantas Paškevičius, shared the newest achievements of laboratory researchers and pointed out that because of a great variety of synthesized metabolites microorganisms are distributed in different ecosystems, play a significant role in metabolism, produce biologically active substances, and are able to deteriorate both natural organic waste and synthetic substances and different pollutants. Laboratory researchers closely collaborate with UAB GVT LT employees in creating biopreparations for biological deterioration of petroleum hydrocarbons. The most efficient diesel-oxidizing microorganisms were selected and tested under laboratory conditions, whereupon tested in UAB GVT LT manufacturing premises (Kiškėnų village, Dovilų sub-municipality, Klaipėda district) with a successful outcome. Further research and business collaboration guidelines were discussed. The guests visited the Museum of Minerals.