The 5th Congress of Baltic Microbiologists (CBM 2023)

The 5th Congress of Baltic Microbiologists (CBM 2023), organised by the Lithuanian Microbiology Society, took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) from 11–13 October, 2023. Scientists from the Nature Research Centre contributed to the organisation of this event.

The Congress included oral and poster sessions on environmental, food and medical microbiology, biotechnological and medical applications of yeasts, genetic, biochemical and physiological studies of microorganisms and viruses.

Two poster presentations were given by scientists and students from the Laboratory of Genetics at the Nature Research Centre:

  • „Biodical yeasts inhabiting rosehips and rowanberries“ (Vepštaitė-Monstavičė, I., Lisicinas, R., Lazickytė, E., Stanevičienė, R., Lukša, J., Ravoitytė, B., Serva, S., Servienė, E.).
  • „Berries as a reservoir for valuable yeast“ (Stanevičienė, R., Antanaitytė, E., Vaitonis, J., Pranckevičiūtė, S., Losinska-Sičiūnienė, R., Lukša, J., Strazdaitė- Žielienė, Ž., Servienė, E.).

Eglė Malachovskienė, a junior researcher at the Laboratory of Biodeterioration Research, presented a poster presentation:

  • „Degradation study of linseed oil-based cross-linked polymer composites filled with industrial waste materials in three different soils“ (Malachovskienė, E., Bridžiuvienė, D., Ostrauskaitė, J., Vaičekauskaitė, J., Žalūdienė, G.).

Scientists from the Laboratory of Plant Pathology presented:

  • „Characterization of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by fungus Ophiostoma quercus“ (Čepukoit, D., Būdienė, J., Būda, V., Burokienė, D.).
  • „Does the origin of the pine tree influence the genotypic diversity of endophytic fungi?“ (Mizerienė, G., Bukėnaitė, K., Čepukoit, D., Burokienė, D.).

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