The COINS 2023 International Life Sciences Conference organised by Bachelor and Master students

On 24–27 April, Vilnius University Life Sciences Center hosted The COINS 2023, the largest international life sciences conference in Europe organised by Bachelor and Master students.
Poster presentations were delivered by young researchers of NRC Laboratory of Ecotoxicology:

Doctoral students:
Renata Butrimienė “Impact of graphene oxide and metals mixtures on salmonids-specific bacteria culture” (supervisor Dr N. Kazlauskienė)
Mindaugas Kazlauskas “Toxicity study of graphene oxide and metal mixtures for microalgae (Scenedesmus quadricauda) and crustaceans (Daphnia magna)” (supervisor Dr D. Montvydienė)

Students doing traineeship or preparing theses:
Agnė Bučaitė “Effects on hematological and morphological parameters in fish after chronic exposure to microplastics” (supervisor Dr Milda Stankevičiūtė)
Toma Černauskaitė „Quantum dots toxic effects on brown trout (Salmo “trutta fario)” (supervisor Dr Gintarė Sauliutė)
Ula Marija Statkevičiūtė “Condition factor analysis of spawning Salmo salar during migration period in Lithuania” (supervisor Dr Roberta Valskienė)
Vita Žvynakytė “Differential blood cell ratios in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) after microplastic exposure” (supervisor Dr Janina Pažusienė)

Student research was conducted within the framework of RCL funded projects: ARFA, No S-MIP-22-51; FISH, No S-MIP-20-22; MULTIS, No S-MIP-21-10.