Admission to PhD studies 2024

Nature Research Centre announces a competition for Admission to state-funded full-time doctoral studies in the fields of Biology, Ecology and Environmental science, Physical Geography, Geology, Zoology

Submission of applications: till 28th of June 2024


Dr. Živilė Jurgelėnė and Dr. Mélanie Yvonne Ludivine Duc the winners of prizes of the 2023 LAS Young Scientists and Doctoral Students Competition

Within the framework of the annual Young Scientists and Doctoral Students Competitions arranged by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (LAS), the 2023 LAS prizes and LAS Letters of Commendation were awarded to NRC researchers.

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Awards to Lithuanian language promoters

Sincere congratulation to our colleague Dr. Valerijus Rašomavičius, Chairperson of the Scientific Council of the Nature Research Centre, Head of the Laboratory of Flora and Geobotany, who has been awarded by the State Lithuanian Language Commission for the promotion of the Lithuanian language.

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