Research interests

Identification and classification of phytoplasmas, assessment of their biodiversity and molecular evolutionary relationships based on 16S rDNA and other genetic markers. Investigation of phytoplasmal diseases and insect vectors; investigation of plant endophytic bacterial microbiomes. Experience in genome libraries data and NGS technology-based data analysis. Methodology. DNA, RNA, and plasmid DNA extraction; polymerase chain reaction (PCR), RT-PCR, restriction fragments length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis; DNA electrophoresis (agarose, polyacrylamide, Puls Field); molecular cloning techniques and sequence analysis. Bioinformatics tools. LaserGene DNASTAR software (putative restriction site analysis, sequence alignment, primer designing etc.); phylogenetic analysis (ClustalX, TreeView. MegaX softwares); pDraw, iPhyClassifier softwares; sequence analysis using NCBI GeneBank database; Keywords. Phytoplasmas, classification, phylogeny, marker genes, plant diseases, phytoplasma vectors, control of diseases, bacteria of class Mollicutes, plant viruses.

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