Research interests
Application of satellite data and remote sensing methods for research on natural resources and the impact of anthropogenic activities on the Kinburn Peninsula.

Annotation of the doctoral dissertation
The purpose of this PhD thesis is to use satellite data to analyze the extent and nature of these vegetation changes on the Kinburn Peninsula. Key objectives include investigating the natural conditions of the peninsula, reviewing previous research on similar sandy surfaces, optimizing satellite data analysis techniques, identifying factors affecting vegetation cover, and determining trends in transformation under anthropogenic impacts.

Key research objectives include:

Assessing the historical and natural condition of the peninsula’s ecosystems.
Reviewing research on vegetation change on sandy surfaces with aeolian processes.
Developing an optimized approach to using satellite data for vegetation studies.
Identification of major factors affecting vegetation from satellite and historical field data.
Analyzing satellite data to identify trends in vegetation transformation.
Assessing the potential long-term effects of these changes on the peninsula ecosystem.
This research fills a gap in understanding how plant communities respond to stress, especially from active anthropogenic activities, and predicts future trends. The research results will inform restoration and conservation strategies by providing a comprehensive overview of vegetation diversity and the extent and direction of vegetation transformation.

Through the use of advanced remote sensing techniques and collaboration with experts in satellite data analysis, this research will provide an in-depth understanding of vegetation dynamics on the Kinburn Peninsula and contribute to the broader field of environmental science and management.

Other reviewed scientific publications (books, books‘ chapters, collections of articles, articles, textbooks and etc.):
1. Shevchuk Y., Kasyanov E. Fire center research on the Kinburn Peninsula: satellite analysis of activity in 2022-2023.

Reviewed scientific articles, published in Lithuania:
1. Shevchuk, Yuliia. «Examining fire hotspots within the Kinburn Peninsula: a satellite based analysis of activity from 2022 to 2023».

1. VIII th National Young Geographers Conference “GEOGRAPHIA JUVENTA”, 28 March 2024 at 9.30 am Institute of Geosciences, Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences, Vilnius University.
2. III All-Ukrainian scientific and practical online conference with international participation “THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COASTAL SCIENCE AND NATURE MANAGEMENT” 24-25 may 2024. Odesa