Research interests

I am an early career researcher filled with passion and eager to learn new approaches in the area of Parasitology. After Master degree, I enrolled as PhD student under the Peer-project 4-360, funded by the National Science Foundation. I studied “the impact of deforestation on bird communities and their haemosporidian parasites in a tropical rainforest of Cameroon”, and defended my PhD thesis in January 2021. I had the opportunity to learn about thousand of rainforest birds, how to capture them erecting mist nets, identify and bleed. I also performed basic microscopic identification of avian haemosporidian parasites, Nested PCR, electrophoresis, and phylogenetic analyses.
My current postdoctoral research is about Exo-erythrocytic development during neglected avian haemoproteosis in African migrants of the families Sylviidae and Acrocephalidae. This will help to gain new knowledge and improve my skills in more advance microscopicexamination of blood and histological preparations, DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, phylogeny, cytology, and chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH).

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