Global Schools Festival

On 22 March, the Laboratory of Ecotoxicology and the Laboratory of Fish Ecology hosted the school children from the Gargždai “Krantas” pro-gymnasium within the framework of Global School Festival organised by the UNESCO club and coordinators of global nature protection schools programmes. Researchers of the laboratories Dr. Živilė Jurgelėnė, Dr. Brigita Gylytė, Dr. Tomas Makaras, Dr. Justas Dainys, Dr. Roberta Valskienė, Dr. Gintarė Sauliutė and Dr. Milda Stankevičiūtė familiarised children with water ecosystem pollution types, research objects and the diversity of indices to be investigated to determine biological effects. The school children were presented the newest Danio rerio rearing and breeding system and the behavioural regulation equipment acquired according to the RCL support (No S-IRA-22-11) and familiarised with environmental pollution research projects run by the laboratories and funded by the RCL, such as:  Effects of Parasite–Pollution Interactions on Aquatic Organisms (MULTIS, No S-MIP-21-10), Risk Assessment of Tire Fires and Micro/Nano-Particles in the Aquatic Environment (ARFA, No S-MIP-22-51), Dissemination and Ecotoxicity of Veterinary Antibiotics (TOXVET, No S-MIP-22-70) and New Approaches in Determining the Impacts of Chemical Pollution to Protect the Biodiversity of the Baltic Sea (Detect2Protect, No S-BIODIVERSA-23-1).