International Field Symposium “Quaternary of the Eastern Baltic Region”

With the pandemic retreating, global research and higher education institutions resume organising multiple scientific conferences, seminars and meetings. The Nature Research Centre is not an exception – on 10–15 September, the researchers of the Laboratory of Quaternary Research in collaboration with the University of Latvia, Lithuanian Geological Service, Latvian Association of Quaternary Research, and the Geological Society of Lithuania organised an international field symposium “Quaternary of the Eastern Baltic Region” in western Lithuania and Latvia. Researchers from seven European and American countries delivered 38 presentations on Scandinavian ice sheet glaciation dynamics, Baltic Sea development, history of landscape changes and population, and climate change. The participants of the conference were invited to scientific field excursions: to visit interesting fieldwork objects, share the newest research results, consider joint research and project possibilities, and take samples for special analyses. Priority research trends were pointed out to involve global and regional cooperation and interpretation of obtained research material and information. The abstracts of presentations and fieldwork reviews are presented in a separate publication.

The conference hosted the meeting of representatives of the Peribaltic Working Group of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA), which discussed the prospects of further collaboration between researchers of the region and priority research trends of the working group in the context of the coming INQUA congress.

Congratulations to Dr Grazyna Kluczynska, Senior Researcher of the Laboratory of Quaternary Research, being elected the Secretary of the Peribaltic Working Group of the International Union for Quaternary Research.