Nature Research Centre and Vilnius University leaders met to discuss joint activities

The participants of the meeting discussed the possibilities of expanding the content of classical biology and geosciences studies at VU by using the intellectual and technical potential of the NRC and the opportunities and prospects for VU students to carry out internships and final bachelor’s and master’s research projects at the NRC. A focus was put on common doctoral study programmes, evaluation of their development opportunities, including the prospects for attracting students from foreign countries. The issues tackled during the meeting regarding joint announcement of the topics of doctoral studies, opportunities for NRC doctoral students to have a better access to VU infrastructure, etc. will undoubtedly significantly contribute to the expansion of the third-cycle studies and to the quality assurance of doctoral studies in the institutions. Information exchange as an important part of inter-institutional cooperation, as well as the presentation of ongoing research and existing technical capacities to the other institution’s community were identified as an essential part of the planned activities.

The proposals and priorities for cooperation outlined during the meeting will significantly contribute to the development of joint research and study activities in the most important natural science research institutions in Lithuania.