New international collaboration trend at Nature Research Centre

International relationships between scientific communities and joint projects for implementation of new ideas accelerate progress in contemporary science. As nature mostly ignores boundaries drawn by people, such forms of activity are particularly important for researchers of nature. Nature Research Centre has started this year with an event which will hopefully open new possibilities for the centre’s researchers and significantly contribute to the centre’s integration in global science.

An online bilateral workshop between National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan) and Nature Research Centre (Lithuania) held on 24 January provided a possibility for scientists of both countries to share their scientific investigations, to establish new relationships and set out possible priorities of joint activities. Such priorities have already been shaped during the workshop.

During the workshop, Prof. Chin-Chang Hung (NSYU), Prof. Ming-Jung Wu (NSYU) and Prof. Sigitas Podėnas (Nature Research Centre) signed a memorandum defining the guidelines for collaboration between the institutions. It will hopefully contribute to the development and implementation of scientific ideas relevant both to our countries and to the global scientific community.