NRC Early Career Researchers Committee – a unique example of good practice

On 22 November 2022, the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences hosted a discussion of representatives of Lithuanian higher education institutions and scientific research institutes  “Academic Career of Young Doctors of Science: Challenges and Possibilities”. Members of NRC Early Career Researchers Committee (NRC ECRC) together with other participants of the discussion shared good practices in order to promote young research scientists to improve their skills, get involved in institutional activities, and take care of career opportunities and welfare of young researchers. In the discussion, ECRC distinguished as a unique and unparalleled example of good practice in the history of Lithuanian scientific research institutes. Dr. V. Palinauskas, Chairperson of NRC ECRC and Chairperson of the Young Academy of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, pointed that ECRC tries to help both doctoral students and researchers who have completed their doctoral studies to efficiently integrate into institution’s activities, participate in institution’s decision-making process, develop interdisciplinary collaboration, and address the issues related to equality, emotional welfare, etc. Since NRC ECRC establishment on 5 May 2022, good practice sharing meetings and social activities are actively organised at NRC, the needs of early career researchers are represented at Scientific Council and Administration meetings, early career researchers get involved in commissions and working groups, etc. NRC ECRC activities attracted interest of other participants of the discussion. This discussion showed that similar events are highly important and necessary and that state institutions and research and higher education institutions should contribute to possibly earlier solution of issues related to the career of young researchers.


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