Laboratory of Algology and Microbial Ecology

Main research topics:

  • diversity, ecology and biology of native and alien algae and cyanobacteria in freshwater and brackish aquatic ecosystems, and their role in pelagic food webs;
  • diversity of viruses infecting cyanobacteria and photosynthetic bacteria and the effects of infection on host function and metabolism;
  • assessment of water quality indicators, ecosystem vulnerability and resilience to anthropogenic and natural stressors;
  • harmful algal blooms and toxic cyanobacteria species, cyanotoxins and other secondary metabolites under conditions of anthropogenic stress and climate change;
  • search for innovative solutions for aquatic ecosystem monitoring, water quality assessment, and sustainable management of nutrients and toxic blooms;
  • reconstruction of aquatic ecosystems history based on fossil algae and photosynthetic pigments;
  • screening of native algae and cyanobacteria strains from culture collection for biologically active compounds (peptides, lipids, pigments, etc.) and other biotechnological applications; and
  • redesign of wild algae and cyanobacteria biomass into valuable products (slow-release fertilisers, biogas, feed additives for animals, etc.).