Competition for dissertation topics and doctoral supervisors

In accordance with the Order of the Director of Nature Research Centre No D-21 of 17 April 2023, a competition for dissertation topics and doctoral supervisors is announced in Nature Research Centre in the fields of Biology, Physical Geography, Geology, Ecology and Environmental and Zoology.
The following documents should be submitted for the competition:
1. Application for the dissertation topic (application forms in the fields of Biology, Physical geography, Geology, Ecology and Environmental, and Zoology) approved by the head of the laboratory;
2. List of scientific publications and other activities of the prospective supervisor;
3. Application to participate in the competition.
The documents should be submitted by e-mail from 18 April to 17 May.
Dissertation topics should be in compliance with the scientific research fields pursued by the Centre.
The doctoral supervisor should meet, at a minimum, the requirements for Senior Researcher* as well as participate in the process of doctoral studies and in international scientific-expert activities. A scientist may supervise no more than five doctoral students at a time (including those on academic leave).
* Requirements under Clause 11.2 of the Description of Minimum Qualification Requirements for Researcher Positions at State Research and Higher Education Institutions, approved by Resolution of the Research Council of Lithuania No V-61 of 29 January 2021.