Research interests

Search and exploration of minerals using the latest methods (UAV), analysis of factors influencing the availability of mineral deposits for extraction, need for mineral resources, potential and recultivation of deposits, calculation of mineral resources.

Annotation of the dissertation

The aim of this work is to determine the actual potential of Lithuanian mineral resources, taking into account geological, economic, environmental, spatial planning and other factors and the possible development of these factors in the conditions of the Anthropocene period. Objectives of the work: to study the geological exploration of mineral resources, to determine the possibilities for the development of mineral resources research, factors influencing the availability of resources for extraction. Factors such as: illegal mining, in accordance with the prepared general plans of the land, the construction of residential buildings on or near the areas of resources, reservoirs, water, roads, electric lines protection bands are established on minerals resources areas and other restrictions imposed by regulations that prevent the exploitation of minerals. After evaluating all these factors, calculate the actual amount of mineral resources and resources that can no longer be used in the future. To review the amount and trends of the recovery of mineral resources in the last 20 years, calculating the lost resources to estimate the resources needed for extraction resources, their time of exploitation and the impact on the landscape, and in the light of the aforementioned factors, to calculate the potential potential of new mineral resources.

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International scientific conferences:

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National scientific conferences:

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