Research interests

Main interests of scientific research: ecotoxicology, nanotoxicology, plant and fish physiology, ecology, environmental studies. I conduct research related to the investigation of effects of various stressors (heavy metals, cyanotoxins, nanomaterials, radionuclides, etc.) on the growth and physiological state of algae, higher plants, crustaceans, and fish. I am particularly interested in researching the physiological and biochemical mechanisms of the body’s reaction to individual pollutants and their mixtures; I am also very interested in the interaction of contaminants in multicomponent mixtures. I participate in complex ecotoxicological studies and use biological methods to study the toxicity of industrial wastewater and the contamination of water bodies. I conduct searches for the processes of distribution and accumulation of various pollutants in water ecosystems. In addition, I am very interested in research on the uptake of various substances from the incubation medium into organisms and their transfer to the organs and tissues of organisms, especially when exposed to substances that can potentially be used for wastewater treatment. I also carry out research, assessment, and prediction of changes in the ecotoxicological status of water ecosystems under the influence of anthropogenic influences I also participate in researching the possibilities of using treated wastewater in technological processes and agriculture for the economic and sustainable use of water resources.

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