Research interests

Application of geographic information system and remote sensing methods in sea and coastal research in the field of optimization of the use of natural resources in tourism in Western Lithuania.

Annotation of the doctoral dissertation

Objectives – to apply the geographical information system (GIS) to develop a model of the optimal use of tourism natural resources for the coastal and hinterland territory of Western Lithuania, to propose the optimal utilization of these resources, taking into account many aspects of sustainable land use.

1. To analyze the perspectives of application of new methods for of complex geostatistical interpretation of tourism natural resources in Western Lithuania.
2. To create and validate optimal nature management in Lithuanian coastal and hinterland ecosystem recreational territories using GIS model.
3. To apply the GIS-based developed Lithuanian coastal and hinterland natural tourism resources for optimizing the use of geostatistical calculations.
4. To prepare practical proposals for the optimization of nature management in the recreational territories of the coastal and hinterland ecosystems of Western Lithuania.

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2021-12. Courses at Gdynia Maritime University Maritime Institute „Maritime tourism natural resources optimization using GIS“, Gdansk, Poland.


International scientific conferences:

1. International Conference LITTORAL 22, Costa da Caparica, Portugalija, 2022-09-12 – 2022-09-16. Žodinis pranešimas „Trends and Perspectives of Remote Sensing Applications in Marine and Coastal Conservation“.