Research interests

In situ studies of changes in benthic diatom communities in freshwater ecosystems exposed to heavy metal pollution. Under laboratory conditions, assessment of the impact of heavy metals and nanoparticles on diatom communities, species growth rates, and morphological structures. Determination of the level of tolerance of benthic diatom to heavy metals, as well as bioindicator evaluation of benthic diatoms to determine pollution of heavy metals and nanoparticles using microscopic, mathematical modelling analysis. Compilation of a collection of diatoms.

Annotation of the dissertation

International scientific conferences:

  1. Petrėnas G., Kazlauskas M. 2022. Experimental study of cadmium – indicating freshwater diatoms. – 11th „International Conference on Biodiversity Research “, October 20 – 22, Daugavpils, Latvia.
  2. Petrėnas G., Kazlauskas M. 2022. Identification of diatom species that indicate cadmium. “Young Researcher for Smart Society”, May 11, Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy, Lithuania.