Research interests

Rock geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, tectonics, structural geology, geo-heritage, geological education and outreach. Investigations of macro and -micro rock mineral composition, rock and mineral chemistry and isotopic composition. Rock forming conditions (pressure and temperature) have been studied using GEOTHERMOBAROMETRY and other computer programmes. Temperature and pressure as well as their evolution may be obtained from the applied calculations. A variety of methods for measuring of U-Pb isotopic relationships have been used for age determination. Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr methods are applied for implications on rock origin and evolution. As a result of the above investigations, large structures of the upper Earth crust in Lithuania and surrounding areas are outlined and their origin and evolution are described. Useful mineralizations (with special emphasis to so-called ‘critical minerals “), ore deposits, formation of energy resources are a special subject of scientific investigations. Participation in world-wide reconstructions of super-continents and ancient continents. The obtained scientific data is used for education of student and society. In addition, methodic concerning an application of Scanning Electron Microscopy to different fields of sciences have been prepared. Collaboration with archeologists, civil engineers, chemists etc. Preparation of exhibitions and shows in museums, national and regional parks and educational institutions.

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