Research Interests:

My current postdoctoral project, CosmoLith, at the Nature Research Center, focuses on the application of cosmogenic nuclide dating and sedimentology to uncover the inception of Quaternary continental glaciation in Lithuania (NE Europe). There is no available absolute dating of the onset of the European Ice Sheet Complex in the Baltic region, which reduces the reliability of existing paleoclimatic models. The CosmoLith project aims to fill this gap by analyzing the unique depositional record of past glaciations present in Lithuania. I am employing authigenic 10Be/9Be and burial 26Al/10Be dating for this purpose. As the settings are challenging for both cosmogenic nuclide dating methods, the research will reveal their limits.

My long-term geological research focuses on the Late Miocene to Quaternary evolution of the Western Carpathian – Pannonian realm (Central Europe) using sedimentology and geochronology. Our team at the Department of Geology and Paleontology, Comenius University Bratislava (Slovakia), prepares samples for cosmogenic nuclide dating in the department’s laboratory.

My primary interest lies in investigating the applicability of authigenic 10Be/9Be dating in various sedimentary environments and geological settings. I have a special passion for processes forming clastic deposits and for facies analysis. Additionally, I teach sedimentology and dating methods as an associate professor.

You can download my papers here:

The postdoctoral project CosmoLith is caried out under the “New Generation Lithuania” plan (Nr. 10-036-T-0008) financed under the European Union economic recovery and resilience facility instrument NextGenerationEU.