Simonas Račkauskas

PhD Student, Senior Laboratory Assistant

Research interests

Field of research: the sector of freshwater ecology, where I study the structure of fish communities, populations, ecological condition and resources, patterns of changes in natural and anthropogenic factors.

Annotation of the dissertation

Aim: investigate the growth, diet and migration of stocked brown trout in the small tributaries of the Neris river.
• To compare the growth of stocked brown trout with natural populations.
• Determine the effect of beaver’s dams to stocked brown trout growth, nutrition and migration.
• Assess the impact of the removal of a dam on the growth, nutrition and migration for the stocked brown trout.
• To compare the diet of stocked brown trout with natural populations.

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  1. 2019.10 – 11. C3S User Learning Services Belnded training, Lithuania on the use of Climate Data and the Climate Data Store (Vilniaus Universiteto, Gyvybės mokslų centras, Vilnius, Lietuva).