Research interests

Studies on the impact of micro- and nanomaterials, metals, various types of waste water, and other pollutants on different trophic levels (crustaceans, fish) in the context of environmental change; analysis of these effects on organisms at different stages of development at the molecular, biochemical, physiological, and behavioural (whole-organismal) levels; searching for and employing non-invasive and in vivo biomarkers in fish to study psychological stress; practical evaluation of test organisms, their sensitivity, and the suitability of their biological responses in the toxicity assessment of contaminated water.
Methodology: application of acute and chronic toxicity tests, as well as behavioural testing in accordance with ISO (ISO 7346-1: 1996; ISO 7346-2: 1996; ISO 7346-3: 1996; ISO 10229:1994; ISO 12890:1999), OECD (OECD 202, 211), EPA (EPA 2002a, 2002b), ASTM (ASTM E1604-12, 2012; ASTM E1711-12, 2012; ASTM E1768-95, 2013) ISO’s standardised and non-standardized guidelines and recommendations; application of specialized softwares and systems for detection, registration, and analysis of test animal behaviour (Ethovision XT 17, DanioVision, Danioscope, etc., Noldus Inf. Tech., The Netherlands).

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