Research interests

• Diagnosis of forest tree disorders (damages by fungal and abiotic diseases, insect pests) and their control;
• Isolation, culturing and identification of wood-inhabiting (and other) fungi, inoculation techniques, pathogenicity and virulence tests, population studies, genotyping;
• Molecular techniques (DNA extraction, amplification by PCR, sequencing and sequence analysis; microsatellite analysis (SSR, RAMS), RAPD, RFLP profiling and other techniques);
• Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative stand characteristics (forest mensuration), good understanding in forest management (practical silviculture) and forest protection;
• Vegetation management by application of biological control agents (mycoherbicide testing);
• Establishment of forest plantations, experience in short rotation forestry;
• Knowledge of management of forest nurseries, seed orchards, clonal archives, knowledge in tree breeding and propagation (acquired while working at the Lithuanian Forest Seed Farming and Tree Breeding Service);
• Evaluation of early stage regeneration of forest communities following natural (climate change-related) and human-caused disturbances;
• Evaluation of response of juvenile progeny of forest tree species and their populations to climate change-related stressors;
• Ecological restoration of degraded peatlands.

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