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Pliūra A., Bakys R., Suchockas V., Marčiulynienė D., Gustienė A., Verbyla V., Lygis V. 2017. Ash dieback in Lithuania: disease history, research on impact and genetic variation in disease resistance, tree breeding and options for forest management. In: Vasaitis R., Enderle R. (eds.), Dieback of European Ash (Fraxinus spp.): Consequences and Guidelines for Sustainable Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Service/Repro, Uppsala, Sweden, pp.150–165. ISBN (print version) 978-91-576-8696-1; ISBN (electronic version) 978-91-576-8697-8.


Vasiliauskas R., Bakys R., Lygis V., Ihrmark K., Barklund P., Stenlid J. 2006. Fungi associated with the decline of Fraxinus excelsior in the Baltic States and Sweden. In: Oszako T., Woodward S. (eds.), Possible Limitation of Decline Phenomena in Broadleaved Stands. Forest Research Institute, Warsaw, pp. 45–53. ISBN (print version) 83-87647-56-X.


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